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EAGT Acredited Training Institute

EAP Acredited Training Institute



Gestalt Institute of St. Petersburg has grown up from Gestalt Therapy Center of St. Petersburg, which was found in 1994. In January 1996 our Institute was officially registered as a non-governmental educational institution of additional training "St. Petersburg Institute of rising the level of specialists' skills and vocational training in Gestalt approach", short name - Gestalt Institute of St. Petersburg.

There are several organizations which train gestalt in Russia, but our Institute is the only one which has a State License for performing the additional training in gestalt approach.

During FORGE Congress (International Federation of Gestalt Training Organizations) in 1997 the training programs of Gestalt Institute of St. Petersburg were discussed, they were declared to correspond the international standards and our Institute became the member of FORGE (the only one in St. Petersburg).

In 2001 Gestalt Institute of St. Petersburg became a member of EAGT (European Association for Gestalt Therapy), and it is still the only Russian organization which in the Full Member of EAGT.

In 2001 Natalia Lebedeva and Elena Ivanova (president and vise-president of Gestalt Institute of St. Petersburg) became the first Russian Gestalt therapists who were honored with the European Certificate of Psychotherapist on the grandparenting line.

Gestalt Institute of St. Petersburg has the authority in the international society of Gestalt therapists. In 2002 president of Gestalt Institute of St. Petersburg was elected as a General Secretary and the member of the International Board of FORGE.

From 2001 Gestalt Institute of St. Petersburg has started to hold the annual all-Russian conference "St. Petersburg Meeting" which includes not only workshops (as in other conferences of the familiar institutes) but also theoretical reports and discussions, round tables, penals, Balint sessions and master-classes. Top-level Russian Gestalt therapists, foreign Gestalt therapists and beginners at Gestalt therapy take part in this conference.

Gestalt Institute of St. Petersburg has it's own printing - Almanac, where we publish the materials of the top-level Russian and foreign specialists. On the pages of our journal the reader had a first chance to get acquainted with the G. Masquelier articles published in Russian.

Taking in account the all over the world experience and our own results, which are the evidence of the high effectiveness of Gestalt approach in different practical fields, Gestalt Institute of St. Petersburg is responsible in popularization of this information in society. With our participation there appeared several articles about Gestalt in such journals and newspapers as "St. Petersburg Style", "On Nevsky", "Time-St. Petersburg", "Friday", "Profession" and others. President of Gestalt Institute of St. Petersburg is the consultant of the newspaper "Business St. Petersburg" and a reporter of "Psychological Paper".

Gestalt Institute of St. Petersburg tries to make the achievement of Russian Gestalt therapists and Gestalt counselors known abroad. In particular, in 2002 we fulfilled the requirement of the International Gestalt Journal which has published an article of N. Lebedeva and E. Ivanova about Gestalt in modern Russia.

In 2004 Gestalt Institute of St. Petersburg together with three Moscow gestalt institutes has founded the Association of Russian Gestalt Institutes.

This year is also memorable due to N. Lebedeva and E. Ivanova have published the first Russian monograph about Gestalt therapy "Journey to Gestalt: Theory and Practice".

Gestalt Institute of St. Petersburg is the only organization in Russia which was honored to hold the 11-th FORGE Congress in May, 2005 in St. Petersburg.

In 2006 the Institute had organized first for Russian Gestalt community international program for education in supervision in Gestalt approach in which most of Institute trainers take part. In the same year Natalia Lebedeva - the Institute president - had been elected as a President of Association "Federation of Russian speaking Gestalt Institutes" (ARGI).

In 2007 The Gestalt Institute of St. Petersburg has been accredited in EAGT and EAP as Training institute according to the level of EAGT and EAP. In 2008 The Gestalt Institute of Saint-Petersburg got a right of straight (easy) procedure for its graduates who successfully finished the 3-d level program to receive the ECP (European Certificate of Psychotherapist).

Stuff members of our Institute were the scientific editors of the Russian editions of the famous books of S. Ginger and A. Ginger "Gestalt - Therapy of Contact" (1999 and 2001) and S. Ginger "Gestalt: Art of Contact"(2002).

Stuff members of Gestalt Institute of St. Petersburg were trained by the experienced specialists from Europe and the USA in Russia and abroad, in particular, in Denmark, France Germany, the Netherlands, and the USA. All members of Gestalt Institute of St. Petersburg have International Certificates as Gestalt-Practicians, and the top-level trainers have International Certificates of training Gestalt therapists. Our practical experience in individual and group therapy,counseling, training and coaching is over 15 years.

Trainers of Gestalt Institute of St. Petersburg are regularly making educational workshops not only in Russia but also in France, Norway and other European counties.

The graduates of Gestalt Institute of St. Petersburg have established several new Gestalt training organizations - Ural Institute of Gestalt and Contemporary Psychology and (Ekaterinburg), Taganrog Gestalt School, Consulting company "Trumpel and partners" (Moscow), Ural Centre for Psychology and Counseling "Personality" (Chelyabinsk), Seaside Centre for gestalt therapy and family counseling (Vladivostok), Mother School "Kangaroo" (Ekaterinburg) and some others. Gestalt Institute of St. Petersburg will help to spread Gestalt in Russia, to develop new Gestalt societies and organizations.

We really have an opportunity to use methods recognized all over the world and our own technologies adapted to Russian conditions. In Gestalt Institute of St. Petersburg we train specialists in psychotherapy, counseling, organizational consulting and couching.

Trainers from our Institute worked with such organizations as World-wide Bank of Reconstruction and Development, PromstroyBank, Gasprom, Avtovaz, Ilim-Pulp Enterprise, Aviation Institute of Samara, took part in the reconstruction program of St. Petersburg historical center, and many others.

Training programs of Gestalt Institute of St. Petersburg were developed with participation and under the direction of FORGE president and Ecole Parisienne de Gestalt (EPG) president S. Ginger, they are approved and recognized by FORGE and EAGT being corresponded to the international requirements. This fact entitles to give our graduates the diploma which has not only Russian status, but also the international one.

In addition to Ecole Parisienne de Gestalt (EPG, Paris, France), with whom our Institute has a really close friendship for many years, we also maintain close contacts with Institut fur GT Organisationsberatung (IGOR, Frankfurt, Germany), Instituto Gestalt Firenze (IGF, Italy), Riga Gestalt Institute (RGI, Latvia), Gestalt Psychotherapy Institute (GPTI, Malta), Integro (Guadalajara, Mexico), Norsk Gestaltinstitutt (Oslo, Norway), Instytut Terapii Gestalt (Krakow, Poland), Gestalt Academy of Scandinavia, Gestalt Associates Training of Los Angeles (GALTA, the USA) and Gestalt Institute of Cleveland (the USA). This gives us the opportunity to invite the top-level foreign specialists for regular additional training process with our students.

Gestalt Institute of St. Petersburg run training programs in St. Petersburg and in other cities in Russia and near-abroad. Since our start we have graduated 49 courses of students (about 750 persons) who got the training in Gestalt therapy. We can be proud that S.Ginger (FORGE president and president of EPG) attended at the diploma performance of our graduates. To his opinion, professional training of the Institute graduates doesn't yield to the level of the students from EPG!

In 2009 N. Lebedeva and A. Lebedeva have published the first Russian monograph about Gestalt approach in individual business consulting (coaching), work with groups and organizational consulting.

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